The Club


In the past years, Trancoso has become one of Bahia’s hottest spot, known among other things by its beautiful nature. The historical village has staged great parties throughout the high season, specially during the New Year’s week - attracting people from all over the world.

Cafe de La Musique Trancoso was inaugurated in December 2013. The club is located at Praia dos Coqueiros and it is considered to be one of hottest and most elegant beach clubs in Brazil - harmoniously aligned with the region’s lifestyle. With European inspiration the club offers sophistication and exclusive services at a beach chic ambiance right on the beach sand. With an incredible ocean view, day beds on the sand, green grass and wooden deck, the club also offers an indoor service in broad and airy restaurant ensuring our clients total comfort.

Top national and international attractions and the region’s best gastronomy, combined with the exquisite and prime location, make Cafe de La Musique Trancoso the right destination to those who look for a relaxed atmosphere and privacy to enjoy summer. Praia dos Coqueiros is located at a nature protected reserve just a few steps from Quadrado – the historical village and there is not a better place with such an easy access to party at our sunsets or simply enjoy a day in the sun.